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"Beverley is a rising star in the world of modern yoga. Not only for her knowledge and skill that alone already shines bright, but because of her heart. The warm tender care that she gives to all her participants during class made my body open more, relax, and open to the present moment."

Mira, Trauma and Family Constellations Specialist

"Beverley is an outstanding Yogini with a deep and comprehensive knowledge of Yoga, and a truly exceptional human being, full of compassion.

“Her style of teaching is intuitive, nurturing and supportive, allowing every individual both space and an opportunity to develop and discover new ways of finding peace and harmony in life, as well as building flexibility and strength in the physical body. Her classes are well structured and informative, and a sense of playfulness and fun underlies a steady progression and development of a yoga practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough. For a truly life-affirming experience, her private restorative sessions are exceptional."

Colleen Donaldson, Gilder

“Your classes were one of the best things I discovered during my pregnancy. I always walked out of the class feeling like a new woman, physically and mentally. My pregnancy was honestly made better just by having those once a week sessions with you and the girls, having that time to look after my body and mind. 

“What I took away from the class got me through my baby’s birth and while I’m very lucky that I got the labour I’d hoped for, I truly believe I wouldn’t have had as good an experience if it were not for your classes and all that I learned there.”

Lisa Maguire, Mummy to Arlo

"I feel so much better after my sessions - Beverley should be on prescription!"

Clare D.

Before the birth:

“It is incredible because we only had one Birth Preparation session together, but you have helped me to calm down, accept my feelings and reconnect with my baby. I feel so much better. I do not have those panicky thoughts anymore. All the things you said gave me so much confidence. You are a beautiful person and I felt so safe and peaceful around you.”

After the birth:

“I am so happy to tell you that thanks to you my labour was a beautiful experience. All your advices and techniques really helped me go through it peacefully. I managed to stay calm and relaxed the whole time..to help my body and my baby :-)

“My husband said I zoned out... I was calmly observing the pain and understanding that it's there to help us and soon my baby will be in my arms. I was feeling good and confident at every stage of this labour. I didn't need to be induced and all went three times faster than last time. Just incredible. I am grateful beyond words. 

“Thank you again for all your help, I will always recommend you to all future mums! :-)”

Maja Kusj, private Birth Preparation client

"I had a private Restorative Yoga session with Beverley at a difficult time in my life and I have to say it was one of the best things I did for myself during that time. The quality of attention and listening I received from Beverley was really quite outstanding.  It began before the session, by email, such that I already felt healing start to take place long before I met her in person.

"The session itself was immensely relaxing and restoring.  Beverley held the space really well and I slipped into a place of deep, meditative calm - so much so that afterwards a woman with agoraphobia approached me in the street and asked if I would take her arm and accompany her to the Omni Centre because she could sense that I was a really calm, centred person.  For someone who is normally described as ‘wired’ this was quite a new experience!!  All in all, I would highly recommend some sessions with Beverley - you won’t regret it."

Maddy Morton Smyth, Director and Research Consultant

"I wanted to say how I've really been benefitting from the nurturing approach you bring to yoga. I am a yoga devotee since it's helped me already get through difficult times. What I love about your approach is how you create an open, caring, non-judgemental environment and you are super kind and encourage us to be kind to ourselves. I think this is really important with fertility problems, because with all the medical appointments and ups and downs and frustrations it can be easy to get annoyed at your body, which only makes things worse."

Yoga for Fertility Client

"Beverley's Chillout Sessions and Gentle Yoga were the first yoga classes I ever went to - I wanted to try yoga during a long-term illness and she made me feel very welcome and relaxed, the classes are wonderful and really take you away to another world. It gave me the confidence to start yoga regularly which I've found out that I love :)  

"I also have Yoga Therapy with Bev which has made an enormous difference in my life - she is a wise, insightful and compassionate person who I feel very lucky to have met."

Hannah Meikle, Life Explorer

"We were very lucky and the birth was everything we hoped for- in the pool, quick and strangely amazing! I know that the yoga has helped me massively throughout pregnancy and birth to keep my body and mind strong and I'm extremely grateful."

Hazel, mummy to baby Martin, Artist and Performer

"Thank you for a really special time today at Women's Circle.  It was lovely just to 'be' and share with with other women in a safe and nurturing environment. This and all the other little touches made it a powerful, restful and beautiful experience in every way."

Rachel FInlayson

"I have been to many yoga classes over the years but have never felt as centred, calm, open, rested and energised as I did after a private session. The guidance, encouragement and gentle wisdom Beverley offers is nurturing, strengthening and overall a bit of a welcome indulgence!  I can't recommend Beverley or her private sessions highly enough..."

Ruth, Counsellor

"Thank you for the time you gave me earlier in the year which is still helping me throughout every day. I had an NAB earlier in the week, which was quite intense with lots of homework and expectations at the moment from teachers... I told myself to remember what you shared with me so sat focusing on breathing for a little while to get me back to a calm place and remembering that though things sometimes feel intense they are all okay... I have also been inspired to start every morning with yoga and the difference is invaluable in my wellbeing and interactions with others."

16-year-old yogini, 5th Year Student at High School

"I've loved attending B:Yoga's Pregnancy Yoga classes throughout my pregnancy - they've been a little oasis in my week! 

"Bev creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and each session starts with a chance to share any pregnancy issues/symptoms and get to know the others in the class. I've found this a really nice part of the experience as I've got to know other people, felt like I've got some peer support and it also helps switch off from your day and focus on you and your pregnancy/baby. 

"I've left each session feeling like I've done something really positive for myself, more relaxed and physically much better. Bev is also extremely knowledgeable and I've gained a lot of information, practical tips and confidence from the classes. She often follows up classes with links etc. by facebook/email.

"The classes are relatively gentle which I've appreciated more and more as my pregnancy has progressed (although I do still feel I'm physically working - especially now I'm at 8 months) and I love the guided relaxation she finishes the sessions with.

"The other great thing about the classes is how much Bev manages to get to know everyone's individual symptoms/needs and tailors the exercises/advice etc. to each person - I've never experienced such a personalised approach in a class before.

"I'd very much recommend Bev's classes! :) "

Shelley Gray

 "The techniques learnt in the Pregnancy Yoga classes were invaluable, and the midwife commented on how calm I was throughout labour and birth.  Thank you so much!" 

Lynne Dow, Mummy to baby Calder and Events Manager

"Thank goodness B:Yoga randomly popped into my life!  Beverley has such a warm and wonderful energy about her that I knew I was going to enjoy her yoga classes.  Every class has a different theme and is therefore a little different each week and I love that.  The classes incorporate a more spiritual side to yoga through how we can bring our realisations on the mat into our everyday lives, it's so much more than a workout.  People have commented on my 'after yoga glow' when I leave her class and this has inspired them to join her class - she has now taught three members of my family and my boss!

"Beverley seems to have a real skill to read the people in her class and give them exactly what they need.  I always feel so safe with her - I know she'll gently adapt my body to help me get the most out of each pose and it feels great!

"I'm always amazed at Beverley's healthy balanced attitude towards yoga.  Sometimes we all laugh and are a little silly.  Sometimes we all focus and reflect inwards.  I love the sense of community in the class.  There's no judgement or competition.  She has beautifully created this special environment through her own lack of ego and grounded-ness. 

"Her Monday morning class quickly became one of the highlights of my week (imagine that!!).  Thanks, Bev, for making one of the most dreaded times of the week my favourite!"

Katy Pendry, Toddler-taming Supernanny

"Thank you for a very enriching and honouring time with you both at the Women's Circle.   I didn't know what to expect, and I left feeling very connected to my own inner feminine body, nurtured and empowered.  Thank you!"


"I practised ashtanga yoga for about 5 years before my first pregnancy. When I then tried to find a pregnancy yoga class that could in some way match the energetic, strength-building nature of ashtanga, I really struggled. I tried a few different classes and found them all deathly boring! However, I've competed almost 16 weeks of pregnancy yoga with Beverley, and have really enjoyed it. It's nothing like ashtanga - BUT - Beverley's extensive knowledge, clear teaching style and focus on relaxation is fantastic. I enjoy every week, and feel very supported and nurtured in her classes. Having tried a few pregnancy yoga classes, this is definitely the one I'd recommend."

Olivia Furness, Musician

"I have been attending Beverley's Pregnancy Yoga classes on a Thursday afternoon for the past 16 weeks and I couldn't be happier with my experience!  I had never really done yoga before except for a couple of classes more than 10 years ago... and so was maybe a bit daunted at the prospect.  I shouldn't have worried however as Beverley made me feel at ease at once by welcoming me into the class.

"I loved that there is a small portion at the beginning of the class dedicated to talking with the other mums.  I feel this was an important part of the class experience, as it bonded everyone together and helps you get to know each other a little bit each week.

"Beverley is also fantastic at adapting the yoga poses for each pregnant mum's needs.  I particularly found it very useful as I have had quite severe pelvic pain during my pregnancy, and some yoga poses wouldn't have been suitable.  Beverley is very knowledgeable and considerate to everyone's individual needs which I found very helpful and comforting.  She was also kind enough to send us information about different breathing exercises we could do at home, and how to adapt your posture etc. for comfort and best positioning of your baby when at work or in the car.  I found Beverley to be much more informative than my own midwife when asking questions!!

"Beverley also has a very calming nature (and voice), meaning I was really able to relax and have time to myself during the classes.  Much needed as I have a young toddler running around at home, so finding time for relaxation can be quite difficult!

"I would happily and highly recommend Beverley's classes to anyone - particularly to expectant mums - as my experience has been wonderfuI, and I look forward to attending more of her classes in the future."

Fiona Forrester, Multitasker Extraordinaire

"Practising Yoga with Beverley has become one of the highlights of my week.  A safe haven where I can just 'be' for a time.

"I recently separated from my husband, which was very painful and left me feeling hugely vulnerable.  I decided I needed to focus on self-care, emotionally and physically as my self-esteem was rock bottom.  I decided to try yoga again as I had previously enjoyed it. I came across the B:Yoga website and just knew Beverley was likely to be the teacher for me!  Her obvious love of yoga and heart for people was apparent and made me feel, even before I met her, that I would be accepted, regardless of my physical ability.

"I was apprehensive to attend a class as I now have a severe visual impairment and I felt anxious I would not be able to follow the class properly. Beverley spent a lot of time with me working out how I could feel most comfortable in class.  She came up with many thoughtful suggestions which put my mind at ease.  I had a number of private sessions with Beverley, where she gently nurtured me through basic asanas and made me feel able to be kind to myself by just taking it a step at a time.

"Beverley is keen to create an environment where it is ok to be ourselves.  Some class members are experienced, and others are not, and Beverley is always keen to meet people wherever they are at that moment, and always has a warm word of encouragement and sincere smile to share.

"Beverley creates a safe, warm and fun space for us to be 'curious' about ourselves and what we can do, whilst being kind to ourselves is first and foremost.

"After a class or a private session I feel so relaxed but, more importantly, a real sense of well being.  It is a great way to start my week and I now enjoy self practice at home in between classes. I LOVE this yoga!" 

Rachel, Missionary, Mother, and Braver of Balances!

"I have been attending the B:Yoga antenatal yoga classes for several months now. As my due date approaches (next week - eek!) I feel the class has been invaluable in teaching me relaxation and breathing techniques which have helped me not only throughout my pregnancy but will undoubtedly help during labour and birth too. The gentle exercises have helped to keep the usual pregnancy-related aches and pains to a minimum.

"Beverley is very knowledgable and you always feel that you are in safe hands despite any complications you may be having during your pregnancy. Her calm, friendly and very approachable nature make her an excellent teacher. The exercises are also different every week so there is no chance to get bored!"

Lindsay Harrison, Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher

"I was recommended B:Yoga for fertility yoga sessions and am delighted to say I am no longer continuing with these because I have switched to her pregnancy class! 

"Beverley was amazing from the beginning - she has so much knowledge that I hadn't a clue about and shared this in a way that wasn't overwhelming.  She was deeply supportive and nurturing, and has helped me to connect with my body and a sense of self that I never even knew I had, as well as let go of so much stress that was affecting me on all levels. I felt safe with Beverley, and felt an incredible sense of peacefulness and good energy (not adrenaline buzzing!) at the end.  I'm so grateful for her warmth and support and for her helping to help me plant a little baby in my belly :) :)"

Sally, Illustrator and Mummy

"I'm on a personal journey with a very accomplished and very supportive teacher.  I have been to Beverley's Monday morning vinyasa flow classes for several months now and it is proving quite addictive! Every Monday Beverley never fails to set up a very positive mood for the week in an incredibly energetic and thoughtful way thanks to the comprehensive preparation she puts into each session. It definitely does not happen by accident. Week on week you benefit from this approach which also creates a stimulating sense of anticipation among the participants and a sense of progression in one's practice. And you feel safe since Beverley will always ask you to provide her with any relevant element of your medical and personal history so that she can tailor her approach to you.   She is a great teacher who is attracting an interesting bunch of followers."

Claude Badion

"I've recently completed an 8-week block of pregnancy yoga classes with Beverley and I've just purchased another block as I love it so much!  

"I always feel a bit stressed before I attend her class but leave each week feeling relaxed and also informed - she knows her stuff!  I feel safe in her classes as she always walks around the room ensuring we are in the correct position and gives us assistance when needed.  It is also great meeting other expectant mums at different stages of pregnancy and sharing stories.  Overall Beverley is a wonderful teacher who I would highly recommend!"

Katy Donald, Tea Addict

"I’ve been attending vinyasa flow classes with B:Yoga on Monday mornings for several months now and can’t recommend them enough. 

"I’d say the classes are suitable for all levels. Beverley is attentive and keeps you on the right track: explaining newer or more challenging postures, such as the foundations of headstand, in detail; guiding you through the steps; moving you deeper into postures when possible.  Each week focuses on specific areas, such a twists, hip opening, backbends etc.  Elements of the philosophy of yoga are touched on; energy flow is discussed, and breathing techniques for a calm inner being are practised. 

"The classes are always dynamic, thorough and balanced. Whether it’s practising new postures to further the practice, or meditating on acceptance and being kind to yourself, it’s a superb way to start the week. 

"Beverley is mindful & enthusiastic, with a fantastic energy, which can only leave you lighter, happier and smiling. I wish more friends had Mondays off so I could take them along!" 

Nina Goldberger, Crazy Cat Lady and Relentless Headstand Attempter 

"I started yoga with Beverley when I was 16 weeks pregnant.  I have a history of sciatica and was keen to do all I could to prevent a recurrence of this during my pregnancy.  Not only did Beverley give me some stretches in our first session for me to work on, she also continues to monitor our weekly progress and pregnancy ailments so she can target pregnancy symptoms and trouble areas for each of us.  This is really useful because as your pregnancy progresses your body changes so much and new things come to light all the time - for me it included increased heartburn, problems sleeping, etc.

"Before I was pregnant I used to do hot yoga and pilates and was a little bit worried that pregnancy yoga might be too slow or not active enough for me - wrong!! It encompasses a lot of the stretches and positions that I was used to, as well as introducing new ones that are specific to pregnancy that I have never done before.  The main difference is that Beverley takes time with each position to ensure we're doing them safely and not risking harm to ourselves or our babies.

"I would highly recommend Beverley's classes for all mums-to-be who are interested in learning more about what their body is going through, who would like to combat or reduce pregnancy symptoms and for those who would like to meet likeminded women going through the same changes.  I love my weekly yoga class and will be attending up to birth!"

Donna McGuire, Warrior Mama

"When I picture Beverley's classes, one thing I think of is her combination of safety and newness -- I hear her asking us to notice the edges of what we can do and what's new and what's hard and where balance feels off or where balance feels solid.  I face new things in each class (in my body or in my head or in the mixed-up places where those two are interlinked), but it feels very supported.  I can see how much knowledge Beverley has to draw on for the mechanics of bodies and poses (protecting our wrists and knees and backs with small adjustments) and also how comfortable she is with the idea that yoga can be emotional (leaving room for emotions to percolate up and accepting them when they do).  I don't know what other people feel when they leave class, but I often have this intense gratitude like I'm walking out of a massage, and that feeling pervades the rest of my week.  Oh yeah, and I feel taller!

"Starting the Monday vinyasa class at the Yoga Room (where I've been going now for a few months, following the birth of my second child), I was wondering what it'd be like to hand over my body to a new class, hoping that I'd come out stretched and whole rather than sore or defeated (or on a mental level, calm/laughing rather than raw/undone). My favorite moment in my first class was hearing her say that it'd be okay to spend the entire class in child's pose, consciously breathing, and that that would be a fantastic practice -- it was simultaneously such a comforting and radical thought when she said it.  

"Beyond (or embedded in) the sequence of movements Beverley leads us in, she touches on big things like questions of how to be kind to ourselves (accepting ourselves in class and in our daily lives) and whether we can be open to new opportunities (as we try a headstand or face the various life transition-y moments that come up outside of class).  At the same time she also seems to draw out small things (being thankful for our feet or leaving a bit of space in the cup of our hands in prayer position to make a place to hold an intention).  I like being offered an awareness of how the yoga movements themselves can link up to other areas of our life.

"I'm struck by how Beverley finds ways to say important things that I've probably heard countless times before ("breathe", "spread your fingers wide", "relax the muscles in your face") in a way that manages to hit a different note and somehow sound new ("notice that you're breathing", "imagine that your hand is wide enough to play a full octave on the piano", "let your jaw be like that of a two-year-old watching cartoons, mouth open and drool dripping"). Her funny one-liners that she drops in occasionally when I'm least expecting it are part of what works to pierce through the layers of doubt/distraction/comparisons which can whirl around in my head when I come into a class.

"I think these classes are the first time I've actually taken to heart the idea that a yoga class doesn't have to be about fixing things in my body or magically achieving some zen quiet in my head, but that it can just be about observing where I'm at on a given day.  Again, those are notions I'd heard before, but somehow they come through in a more meaningful way to me in these classes."

Hannah R., Soulful Space Seeker

"I started pregnancy yoga with Beverley at 20 weeks and I'm now nearing term.  Having a regular session has helped with much of the angst of being pregnant as Beverley is really good at creating a calm and relaxed environment in which to discover more about your body and all the changes it's going through in pregnancy.  The classes have been a perfect way to switch off from everyday life and enter a world with your growing baby.  

"Beverley is great as explaining everything and helping you understand all the benefits for both you and your baby.  And it's been a great way to meet other expectant mums and have fun discussing all the good and bad bits about pregnancy!

"I'm looking forward to continuing right up until I give birth and know that the classes will help me with birth and beyond.  I would definitely recommend Beverley's yoga classes to everyone during pregnancy."

Catherine C., Mum-to-be!

"I hadn't been to yoga for a while but was inspired to take a B:Yoga vinyasa flow class on Monday morning and it was superb!  I came out feeling like I'd had a full body massage and had stretched areas I didn't know existed.  There isn't a better way to start the week.  Beverley is a wonderful teacher, I really recommend her classes.  I still feel calm and full of good energy - I've never felt like this after yoga or anything before, it's great!"

Katie Connelly, Stylist 

"Beverley's classes became a real sanctuary for me during a very stressful pregnancy.  Previously, I'd always felt I wasn't flexible or fit enough to do yoga but Beverley made it accessible and enjoyable and I appreciated her warmth, wisdom and endless patience.  The breathing exercises were wonderful and massively helped me through labour.  Pregnancy yoga gave me time and space to appreciate my body and growing baby, as well as helping a smooth delivery and recovery after birth."  

Beverley Madden, Harrybean Hugger and Media Queen

"I was a complete yoga novice before I commenced both private sessions and flow classes with Beverley.  From the outset, Beverley was patient, interested and informative and helped me to feel confident about starting classes at my beginner level.  I find the Monday morning Vinyasa Flow class a fantastic and positive way to start the week and have realised through Beverley's teachings that yoga really is for everyone.

"I also have private sessions with Beverley, which are incredibly healing and restorative. During these sessions, she provides a more tailored and personal approach, which has aided me greatly in recovering from serious illness.  I came across B:Yoga by chance online and it has been most serendipitous. Yoga with Beverley has proved to be a wonderful addition to my life."

Clare Anderson, Serenity Seeker

"Beverley's class was a real treat on a Monday morning.  She is one of the most qualified teachers this town can offer and yet she is very modest about it (a true Yogini in my book).  She created such a safe & fun environment and supported me to do a headstand in the middle of the room, away from the wall, because she knew I could even when I was doubtful.  I felt safe and her assists were amazing. The practice was very well structured and I left the class feeling relaxed and energised for the week ahead." 

Kat Aydin, Cat Choreographer and Yoga Teacher

"I've been attending Beverley's classes for the past six months. She creates a wonderful, relaxed and playful environment in which to explore and develop your yoga practice.  

"For me, her classes are a perfect balance of meditation and movement.  I enjoy her focus on working with the breath, of taking time to see how each posture affects you.  I love the meditations at the beginning and end of class, and also how she encourages us to rest in-between poses if we want or need to.  There is no ‘hard man school of yoga’ here!  I also love how she brings in the idea of an intention for the practice, and quotations from various spiritual traditions to help focus and inspire, presenting an open and non-dogmatic view of yoga and spirituality.

 "The vinyasa flow sequences are joyful, sometimes challenging, and I'm learning a lot from her skillful, calm and balanced approach to working with the body and the mind.  She really is an excellent and inspiring teacher."  

Meaghan Delahunt, Writer

"I was unsure I could benefit from yoga being in my mid 40’s and never having practised.  But I was keen to find something to improve my fitness and mobility, and Beverley assured me I would reap rewards by beginning yoga.  And now I feel compelled to write this testimonial because through attending her classes, I have noticed great improvements to my fitness, flexibility, balance and focus.  

"Beverley is a great teacher, her classes are varied and offer challenges if I want them.  Each class has an overall theme and focus, it’s obvious from the first class you take that some thought has been used to put the movements together and link it all to a wider theme.  It’s a great experience and fantastic way to start the week, I always feel great after class!  I highly recommend them."

Adrian Smales, Gadget Geek and PhD Candidate

"I have been having private sessions with Beverley for a couple of years.  She is an amazing teacher; she tailors our sessions to what is going on in my life, be it when I was trying to become pregnant, or my practice during my pregnancy, or my adapting to motherhood, and attends to my varying physical requirements and to my energy levels and feelings at the time of each session.  She has a calming presence and is a wonderful listener, and is always incredibly attentive to my yoga - and therefore energy and life - needs.

"Beverley is warm, professional and incredibly knowledgeable and has a way with people that is both gentle and strong, her confidence always makes me feel that I can progress and flourish in her sessions.  Afterwards I am both mentally and physically relaxed while at the same time focused and so full of personal strength.  

The pregnancy yoga especially was so helpful, not just throughout my pregnancy but also during labour.  I was able to have a natural birth as I'd wanted, and found the strength inside me to trust my body and commit to that process thanks to the techniques I had learned especially through our prenatal sessions.  Beverley is wonderful and I would highly recommend her yoga sessions to all!"

Sally Taylor, Mummy, Photographer and Vintage Teaset Collector