Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation classes are held weekly at The Yoga Room and Mulberry House.

Booking is essential - please book your block or session online and email your enrolment form at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you!

We seek to make these valuable sessions accessible to all parents, and provide discounts to those who have a genuine need. Please contact us to receive a discount code.

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation

Classes run weekly on:

Mondays, 5pm - 6pm* at Mulberry House, new term starting 21st October 2019

Tuesdays, 5.45pm - 7pm* at Mulberry House

Thursdays, 4.15pm - 5.30pm* at The Yoga Room

*You are entitled to paid time off work for antenatal care, which can include pregnancy yoga classes - please click this link for more information about this and other working rights while pregnant.


These nurturing group classes offer a wonderful support for women throughout pregnancy, helping to prepare for an empowered birth experience and a smooth transition to motherhood.

The practices gently stretch and strengthen the body for optimal space and comfort during all of the changes that take place throughout pregnancy. They also calm the mind, promoting general wellbeing as well as offering techniques for supporting experiences such as anxiety or fatigue. In this supportive space, we can also take some time for ourselves without any expectations.

We use a nourishing blend of yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation techniques and specialist guided relaxations (including Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy) to:    

  • find more comfort in the physical changes which pregnancy brings

  • promote calm and boost vitality

  • build strength and stability

  • relieve exhaustion and lift the spirit

  • support emotional and spiritual adjustments

  • resource ourselves for birth and beyond

  • find optimal pelvic floor tone to prepare for birth and support postnatal healing

In these Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes, we give lots of encouraging information and practical guidance around our changing needs throughout pregnancy, including the prevention and management of various symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, pelvic pain (PGP), heartburn and leg cramps, as well as working to encourage optimal foetal positioning for baby.

All birth plans and choices are respected and supported. We encourage a community of support in the classes, and lasting friendships are often formed between mamas in these groups. We also host a closed group on Facebook in which we share further connection and information.

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes run in rolling blocks of 8 classes which so that mamas can be supported throughout pregnancy and begin when they are ready. We tend to run classes every week with the exception of Christmas and New Year break. Each block of 8 classes can be taken over a 9-week period.

Suitable for ALL mums-to-be from 12 weeks of pregnancy. No previous experience of Yoga is necessary to participate in and benefit from these classes.

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Private sessions also available - please contact us to arrange.

“Your classes were one of the best things I discovered during my pregnancy. I always walked out of the class feeling like a new woman, physically and mentally. My pregnancy was honestly made better just by having those once a week sessions with you and the girls, having that time to look after my body and mind. 

“What I took away from the class got me through my baby’s birth and I truly believe I wouldn’t have had as good an experience if it were not for your classes and all that I learned there.”

Active Birth® Antenatal Course for Couples

These weekend courses run quarterly.

Please pre-register your interest for the next session in November 2019.

The Active Birth® Antenatal Course for Couples is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the Federation of Antenatal Educators. It is highly informative and practical, empowering and inspiring expectant mamas and their partners.

Active+birth+image crop.jpeg

Preparing for Birth

The first aim in this course is to give you all the resources you need for an Active Birth. Your body is beautifully designed to give birth, and through this course you will develop understanding of how to access and awaken your innate reflexes for giving birth. This in turn will have a profound influence on your mind – creating a positive mindset and a feeling of confidence and trust in what your body can do. 

You will find that you can apply techniques you have learned in our classes with a deeper sense of the way your body, your baby, your hormones, uterus and pelvis are magnificently designed for birthing. This is hugely empowering.

Active Birth® is:

  • A way to prepare your body and mind to activate your natural ability to give birth physiologically

  • A celebration of the miraculous unfolding of the hormone driven processes of pregnancy and birth

  • A common-sense, evidence-based approach that is supported by midwives and doctors, and taught in NHS hospitals and birth centres in the UK and in many countries worldwide.

  • A philosophy and a global movement that has empowered women to choose how and where they deliver their baby.

Dads- and Co-parents-to-be and Birth Partners

A great strength of this course is what it offers for partners. Partners tend to enjoy the common sense approach and their own participation, and are surprised how much they learn. These days the partner is usually the main support person at birth, with little or no training. Unprepared, this can be a daunting prospect. 

Most importantly, partners leave with a new confidence in the instinctual abilities of both mother and baby, and feel more enrolled in the pregnancy and empowered to be present at the birth.

Knowing what to do if plans change

We want to help you to enjoy a calm, joyful and safe birth in any circumstances. Many courses either focus too much on complications and hospital procedures, or place an unrealistic emphasis on natural birth.  This course strikes the balance, empowering you to first trust your body and reduce the likelihood of intervention, and to be informed and open-minded. If plans need to change, you will be ready to work with your midwifery and medical support team and make wise decisions and apply Active Birth Principles in combination with medical support.

All participants receive a detailed course handbook and complimentary refreshments throughout the day.

Yoga with Babies

Thursdays, 3pm - 4pm at The Yoga Room


Friendly and relaxed classes for parent/carer and baby to enjoy Yoga together!

Yoga adapted for babies provides a delightful way to give babies the variety and amount of movement and touch on which they thrive. We benefit from the postures designed specifically to support the body in the postnatal period, while simultaneously facilitating and enjoying baby's delight in the movements of Yoga. Enjoy the ease, fun, uplift and peacefulness that Yoga can bring, together!

Yoga with Babies classes provide a friendly, relaxed environment in which to learn and share Yoga with other parents and babies. A range of practices is developed over the weeks so that the fun and benefits of Yoga can gradually be incorporate into day-to-day life with baby.

Classes incorporate Postnatal Yoga, Baby Yoga, and simple elements of Baby Massage.

We are a small, supportive and relaxed group -  join in, or feed, change or walk about with your baby as you need.

Come with any experience of Yoga or none - the classes are inclusive and suitable for all carers of babies from 6 weeks to 6 months old. If mama is recovering from C-section, it is advised to wait until baby is 8 weeks old.

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