Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation Classes

When is it suitable for me to begin these classes?

You can join us time from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Some mamas like to do 3 or more full blocks before baby arrives to get the most benefits from the classes throughout pregnancy in preparation for birth, and other mamas begin in their third trimester.

I’ve never done yoga before and I’m not very fit or flexible - will these classes be ok for me?

Absolutely! Many mamas are new to yoga when they begin, and the practices are supportive for all levels of fitness and body types. The focus in these classes is on finding

What do I need to bring to the class?

Just yourself and a cosy pair of socks! We provide all the equipment you will need.

When do the term dates run and when can I begin?

The classes are rolling

If I know in advance there is a class during my block I will not be able to attend, can I carry it forward?

Yes! In any block of 8 classes, one class can be carried forward when more than 24 hours’ notice of absence is provided - meaning the block lasts for nine weeks instead of eight weeks.

What happens if I miss more than one class or I am not able to give 24 hours’ notice of absence?

You’re welcome to attend an alternative class that week where there is space for you to do so - classes run daily Monday to Thursday. When mamas let us know in advance of absence, this makes it possible for us to offer these spaces for ‘make up classes’ such as these - please help us support one another by informing us of when you may be unable to attend.

How can I let you know at short notice I won’t be able to attend?

Thank you for letting us know! This helps us to gauge how many spaces are required for the classes and how many mats/props to have ready etc. Right up until the time the class begins, you can let us know by emailing ‘’ - we are grateful for your notice.

If my baby arrives before my block runs out do I lose those classes?


It’s less than eight weeks until my due date so a new block will be too many classes for me, but I know that keeping active and mentally calm right until labour begins is helpful - what can I do?

You are welcome to join us right until baby arrives - whether

I have pelvic pain and I’ve heard that yoga isn’t helpful?

Specialist classes