Monday Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation - Block of 8 Classes (60 minutes)

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Monday Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation - Block of 8 Classes (60 minutes)


8-week block for Pregnancy Yoga classes (60 minutes).

Mondays 5pm - 6pm at Mulberry House

*** If you are a new mama to B:Yoga, please ensure you send a completed Enrolment Form to within 24 hours of purchasing the block. Thank you! ***

These classes may have a waiting list.  Once you have booked, you will be emailed a guaranteed start date.  If there is a waiting list, this will be the very latest date that you'll be able to join us - often it is possible to join sooner, depending on when due babies arrive. If there is a wait of more than three weeks, it may also be possible to join an alternative class in the meantime and then transfer across to your preferred class as soon as space in that class opens. 

If you'd like an estimated waiting list time before booking, please contact us. Please do not come to class until you have received an email from us with your confirmed start date.

The classes run in blocks of 8 which are rolling rather than fixed to term dates so that you can be supported throughout your pregnancy.  There is some flexibility in each block of 8 classes for holidays, midwife appointments etc. - they are valid for a 9 week period from the date of the first class in your block. If you know you will be unable to attend, please provide 24 hours' notice to allow one class in any block to be carried forward.

Unused classes due to your baby's arrival can be transferred for use in Yoga With Babies classes, Chillout Sessions or Private Postnatal Yoga within 6 months of birth. If you are within 4 weeks of your due date you may prefer to purchase the Baby's Nearly Here half block of four sessions.

It is our aim to make Yoga in pregnancy accessible for all. If cost is a barrier to being able to attend these classes, please contact us to receive a discount code.

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