Active Birth® Antenatal Course for Couples

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Active Birth® Antenatal Course for Couples


Active Birth® Antenatal Course for Couples

Please pre-register for next course running October 2019.

£175 per couple, which includes a detailed course handbook and refreshments

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The Active Birth Antenatal Course for Couples is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the Federation of Antenatal Educators. It is highly informative and practical, empowering and inspiring expectant mamas and their partners.

Preparing for Birth

The first aim in this course is to give you all the resources you need for an Active Birth. Your body is beautifully designed to give birth, and through this course you will develop understanding of how to access and awaken your innate reflexes for giving birth. This in turn will have a profound influence on your mind – creating a positive mindset and a feeling of confidence and trust in what your body can do. 

You will find that you can apply techniques you have learned in our classes with a deeper sense of the way your body, your baby, your hormones, uterus and pelvis are magnificently designed for birthing. This is hugely empowering.

Knowing what to do if plans change

We want to help you to enjoy a calm, joyful and safe birth in any circumstances. Many courses either focus too much on complications and hospital procedures, or place an unrealistic emphasis on natural birth.  This course strikes the balance, empowering you to first trust your body and reduce the likelihood of intervention, and to be informed and open-minded. If plans need to change, you will be ready to work with your midwifery and medical support team and make wise decisions and apply Active Birth Principles in combination with medical support.

Dads- and Co-parents to be and Birth Partners

A great strength of this course is what it offers for partners. Partners tend to enjoy the common sense approach and their own participation, and are surprised how much they learn. These days the partner is usually the main support person at birth, with little or no training. Unprepared, this can be a daunting prospect. 

Most importantly, partners leave with a new confidence in the instinctual abilities of both mother and baby, and feel more enrolled in the pregnancy and empowered to be present at the birth.

Active Birth, founded by Janet Balaskas, is:

  • A way to prepare your body and mind to activate your natural ability to give birth physiologically

  • A celebration of the miraculous unfolding of the hormone driven processes of pregnancy and birth

  • A common-sense, evidence-based approach that is supported by midwives and doctors, and taught in NHS hospitals and birth centres in the UK and in many countries worldwide.

  • A philosophy and a global movement that has empowered women to choose how and where they deliver their baby 

Bookings are non-refundable but if you are unable to attend due to baby’s arrival or other pregnancy-related reasons, credit can be transferred for use in any other B:Yoga classes and workshops, including Yoga With Babies, Chillout Sessions, Therapeutic Yoga for Women, etc.

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